Clementines company journey 

Clementines story is one of freedom. Michele the founder of Clementines had the idea that when working it shouldn't matter where she was or what time it was.  

We believe that self motivated people don't need to be micro managed. Life is too valuable to be sitting in a car stuck in traffic when you can be climbing mountains, hanging out with family, or working from a beautiful location in a focused way. We chose to go 'online'. It seemed obvious to us it was the future. 

An early challenge for us in 2008 was not all the technology was ready. Back then we still went into a clients office. It reinforced our belief it could be done better as we spent time driving between clients. Bit by bit, software became available that allowed us to access information we needed remotely. We've always been early adopters, and optimists! Hiring people for Clementines means a focus on a personality match. We enjoy dedicated team players who have self responsibility and enjoy freedom.

We've had to educate customers on what both 'online' and 'bookkeeping' means. Since our start in 2008 we grew magnificently month on month until we met the GFC (great financial crisis). Boy, that sure was a fun time to be a new business owner. Our strategy was to strengthen our efficiencies, know our costs, and work with diamond customers. On the back of that we have been able to come out smarter, and solid. Our growth now is managed and successful.  




We've used various accounting software. Most of them made our work harder, not easier. Unfriendly menus and they were slow to run remotely. We came across Xero early on and after careful evaluation we decided to take the leap and move all our clients onto Xero. In 2011 we were a finalist in the Xero Knowledge awards. Up against accounting firms with bigger resources than us, we were proud to make the cut. (That was before bookkeepers were as established as they are now). 

Around then we also felt pretty isolated as bookkeepers, who else was out there? We believe in collaboration and that competition is great because it grows and educates the market. Too many people did not know what bookkeeping was. We were pleased to find the newly emerging  New Zealand Bookkeeping Association and Michele joined as Auckland Regional Director with a focus on Education. The association supports, educates and sets standards for the bookkeeping industry. United we also have a bigger voice for our ideas on how to help small businesses out. 

Clementines vision is to become a premier bookkeeper in Australasia. We are going from strength to strength in the New Zealand market and excited to be moving into Australia as well in 2013.

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