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blue_last-piece-of-a-puzzle.jpgTraining you how to balance the books

Why get training on bookkeeping?

Getting trained by bookkeepers means we'll share with you our trade secrets on how to balance the books every month in a compliant and time efficient way. We can review how you manage your paperwork and suggest better ways to make it as pain free as possible.

Bookkeeping Training - what is it about?  

Bookkeeping covers many tasks. It is the day to day processing of information that comes in and out of a business. Accounts training is not just about learning how to get around Xero. A good bookkeeper is efficient and confident. Some questions you might want to consider are:

  • What are your obligations to the tax department?
  • What is the best way to collect money from your customers when they are overdue?
  • After you have processed your paperwork how should it be filed?
  • What should you monitor in your business accounts on a monthly basis?
  • How do you balance your books, set budgets and forecast your way through tough times?

Training on accounts can cover:

  • Cashbook - this is looking at every line on the bank statement and credit cards and making sure every line is processed accurately. Get it right at this level so you don't have problems later.  
  • Accounts Receivable - this is invoicing your customers and matching their payments to you. 
  • Credit Control - this is how to collect money which is owed to you.  
  • Accounts Payable - this is recording the bills that come in from your suppliers. It's vital to record the costs accurately in your business. We show how to check the suppliers account is right every month to avoid overpayments. We also review how to use Xero's payment run feature which speeds up paying the bills. 


  • Payroll - paying the staff. We prefer Smartpayroll, an online software which integrates with Xero. We'll make sure you have the right procedures in place to follow the rules about paying employees. 
  • GST Returns - How to check your information is accurate before you pass it to the IRD. 
  • General Ledger - this is generating the monthly results that tell you how your business is peforming. Have you made a profit? Reports are also checked to make sure you are 'compliant' with the information you will share to the tax department, accountants, banks and investors. We teach you a checklist of steps every month to follow and what to look for in the reports. 
  • Cash Forecasting - this is about the money. Do you, and will you have enough cash every month to pay the bills? We'll teach you how to use the system to get accurate figures to know in advance. 
  • Budgets - this is about what business goals you have and turning those into figures to record in Xero against your actual performance.  

Why Us? / What you can expect

When you're looking for bookkeeping training we've got the experience. What we teach you is what we do ourselves every day. Since we are trying to keep costs down for our clients, and that includes our labour fees it means we have learnt the most efficient way of doing the work but making sure shortcut's don't get you in trouble later on. Why learn it yourself the hard way? Let us sell you the wheel instead of reinventing it. 

How to get started ...

The idea is to make your own bookkeeping of the accounts stress free by having you do it right from the beginning. The first step is to contact us . We'll run through what accounts training you need. From there we'll give you a quote and discuss options. It may be coming out to you, supplying resources we have, or training over Skype.