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Inventory - Unleashed Online Software


Why Unleashed Software? 

Unleashed small business edition is an easy entry level inventory management solution. Run it stand-alone or integrated with Xero, you can buy and sell goods with unlimited transactions from local suppliers.

'Unleashed is amazing, it helps us manage our stock accurately and now we never get caught out with too much stock.'

Jo JonesGS Pacific

How it works...

xero-tour1.jpgXero is one of the world's best online accounting systems. Integration with Unleashed forms a powerful business solution for global businesses wanting a perpetual inventory control system to control stock movements accurately.

Unleashed online inventory software has been designed to manage your stock and integrate in real time directly with your Xero accounting system.

The integration is seamless and the benefits to your business are enormous. Save time and duplication. No re-keying of information. 

How Unleashed Came about 

The vision for Unleashed came together primarily in the first two years after seeing many small to medium sized companies struggle through growth by using limiting accounting software and multiple spreadsheets.

The need for simple, cost-effective solutions to help with the specific needs for companies with inventory was too obvious to overlook. With the world turning to online (SaaS) models for software delivery the choice for delivery in the cloud was quite clear. This ensures a global product which can be used worldwide without the restrictions or expense of maintaining your local network. 

features-main.jpgWant someone to support you through the process? Talk to us!

If you're interested in Unleashed, we'd love to hear from you. We can discuss if it's a good solution for you. If it's the right thing for you we can meet up to discuss your needs and talk about the cost and time involved to get it up and running smoothly for you. 

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