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Bookkeeping Services 

Help_wanted.jpgPassionate about your business but struggling with paperwork?

You need a bookkeeper. That's us. We can handle all your bookkeeping requirements easily.

Bookkeeping is all about taking away the stress of balancing the books every month. We look after GST returns, keeping everything recorded nicely for the tax man and helping you see if you are making a profit. 


What is a bookkeeper?  

A bookkeeper is a professional who can handle the day to day flow of information in and out of your business. We ensure it gets acted on in the right way. Why? To help you run a successful business you need the right person doing the accounts work. We collect overdue payments, we pay suppliers and staff, we prepare the GST returns and prepare a set of accounts every month showing your profit.

We free up your time so you can work on the areas you love doing in your business.

We remove your stress of worrying about getting behind on the paperwork. How much is your time really worth to your business?  

How it works...

The first step is to contact us for an obligation free chat. We'll run through your bookkeeping requirements with you. From there we'll send out a quote. You decide if you want to go ahead and we meet up to plan how. More questions? No problem - we are always happy to help.    

Once we go ahead we keep Xero, the worlds easiest accounting software up to date daily. We balance your bank accounts daily. Why? Cash is king!

We train you on how to share information with us, showing you how easily it can be done. Most information these days comes in via email or is easily scanned. This is all covered in our discussion. At the end of every month we check we have everything we need and then produce your monthly profit result and update you about GST. Easy.

A key driver for us is your profit. Each month our goal is to produce the reports that tell you how the business is doing. The Profit and Loss report is critical for your review – have you made a profit for the month or the year so far? Don't wait till the end of the year when it's too late to react! We also produce a report called the 'Balance Sheet'. That's usually of more interest to your accountant or investors. It includes the 'worth' of your business. 

Why Us? home_office_view_man.jpg

When you're looking for a great bookkeeper we've got you covered. We have so much experience across our team. We all have unique strengths that give you access to many different skills. You'd be hard pressed to find that in 'one' person you'd hire in house. We cover it all. Our team can pay staff, pay bills, chase up money owed to you, invoice your customers, forecast cash needed, prepare the tax, and review your monthly profit to indicate trouble spots. With us you get the loyalty of employees AND a customer service focus. 

What you can expect:

  • We work from our offices using Xero accounting software and other online software. 
  • You'll save time as you won't need to manage staff or do the books yourself.  
  • You'll save money. You won't need extra office space or need to pay annual, sick leave or kiwisaver for us. 
  • Xero allows you to be anywhere with Internet access and still be in touch with your business financial position. Handy. 
  • Want to check how hard we are working? Log into Xero anytime and check how up to date we are. 

Need some assistance or to contact us?

We want to help you, our customer by looking after your bookkeeping in a transparent and communicative way. As communication is a top priority for us we have made use of the great online technology that is available to stay in-touch. Skype allows us to communicate using phone calls and instant messaging. It also allows us to share computer screens, a great tool when training and solving problems.  We use Zendesk a helpdesk system to log your email requests and measure our response turnaround time. Via Zendesk you can also access our information articles for frequently asked questions.

Click the link below to view a flow chart diagram that visually shows you how we will work together. 

How we look after you

Supplying information to us has never been easier!

When you sign-up with us we train you on how to supply accounts information to us. The majority of information these days comes in via email or is easily scanned. We use Receipt Bank and Dropbox software to make this process quick and easy. (You can still post receipts & supplier invoices if you prefer).

Click the link below to view a flow chart diagram that visually shows you how to send information to us for processing.

How to supply information to us

What do we do with your information when we receive it?

We have a great deal of experience with powerful online software and these are our choices below. We use these to process the accounting information you supply to us. Xero, the world’s easiest accounting software is the accounting package, which we keep updated daily. WorkflowMAX tracks time and materials and is used when tracking ‘jobs’ is needed. Unleashed Inventory software helps to manage your stock and inventory needs.

Click the link below to view a flow chart diagram that visually shows how we record and manage your information.

How we record your information